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Сhemical reagents and analytical equipment 

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ARTY COMPANY is dynamically developing supplying company from Kazakhstan that deals with chemical and laboratory products for a wide range of purposes. Although the company is very young, all of our specialists have a great experience of work in both domestic and European or East Asian markets and are able to handle all kind of requests and situations. Our main goal is to provide an on-time uninterrupted delivery of high quality products for your laboratories, factories or any other kind of chemical-related purposes and researches. Our main interest is to maintain our customer satisfied with our cooperation.  

Chemical reagents
Chemical reagents

We have chemical reagents and solvents of various purposes and of the following grade:

pure, analytical grade, chemically pure, med., pharma, and food grade

ACS, LabGrade, for synthesis, GR for analysis, Extra pure
• USP, BP, Ph. Eur

Bulk chemistry
Bulk chemistry
We can provide acids, salts, alkalis, solvents, oxides and hydroxides of technical grade for manufacturing purposes

Glassware and C&E materials
Glassware and C&E materials
We offer laboratory glassware made of glass, polymers and porcelain.
Flasks, glasses, cylinders, bottles and phials, vials and Petri dishes —
we have anything you need for your laboratory routine.
You can choose from the wide range of laboratory accessories and consumables - automatic dispensers, tweezers and clamps, tripods, sample containers, sterilization indicators/
Our products will make your work easier. 
Petroleum Testing Equipment
Petroleum Testing Equipment

We implement our clients’ labs with tools and instruments for measuring the viscosity, density, fractional composition, flash point and other oil quality test parameters to determine the content of sulfur, chloride salts and water.

Chromatography equipment and Chromatography Supplies
Chromatography equipment and Chromatography Supplies

We offer any kind of equipment for liquid and gas chromatography, chromatography supplies and solvents of the highest purity.

General laboratory equipment
General laboratory equipment

We have a great variety of products from different manufacturers:
Weights и moisture analyzers
Magnetic and top-driven stirrers, shakers, ratotory evaporators
Heating mantles and hot-plates
Drying ovens, muffle furnaces and many other useful tools.

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Almaly District,
Maulenova Street, 85, 
Almaty, 050012, Kazakhstan